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Xiegu G106 Compact Amateur HF AM/CW/SSB QRP Transceiver

Xiegu G106 Compact Amateur HF AM/CW/SSB QRP Transceiver


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The new G106 from Xiegu is a compact 5 watt HF AM/CW/SSB QRP transceiver with short wave and WFM receivers, providing a low-cost entry into the world of HF amateur radio. It is ideal for Foundation licence holders because of its low output power.

General coverage RX 0.55-30 MHz and TX in 80-10 meter amateur radio bands + RX of broadcast radio in  88-108 MHz.

The G106 employs SDR architecture and incorporates a CW digital filter with three selectable bandwidths. When used with the optional DE-19 digital adapter, it can be easily connected to a PC for FT8 and other digital modes.

Despite its small size the G106 is a fully featured HF rig, boasting twin VFO's, built in CW keyer, AGC, switchable preamplifier and RIT control among others.

There are several Facebook groups dedicated to Xiegu transceivers which can be found by searching for "Xiegu" at They represent an invaluable source of information and first-hand experience for Xiegu owners and we highly recommend seeking them out.

Please click on the links below for specifications and features.

NB: The G106 can only be used for transmission purposes by appropriately licenced radio amateurs.


High-performance SDR 16-bit circuit
Compact, robust and user friendly
General coverage HF receiver
Transmit in all amateur radio bands 3.8~29.7MHz
WFM broadcast receiving in 88-108 MHz
Digital modes option capable
Computer control ready


RX frequency range: 0.55~30MHz, 88~108MHz (WFM)
TX frequency range: 3.5~3.9MHz, 10.1~10.15MHz, 18.068~18.168MHz, 24.89~24.99MHz, 7.0~7.2MHz, 14.0~14.35MHz, 21.0~21.45MHz, 28.0~29.7MHz
Operating mode: SSB/CW/AM , WFM (receive only)
Receiving sensitivity: CW: 0.25uV @10dB S/N, SSB: 0.5uV @10dB S/N, AM: 10uV @10dB S/N
Frequency stability: ±1.5ppm within 30min after power on
@25°C: 1ppm/hour
Transmitting power: ≥5W @13.8V DC
Transmitting spurious suppression: ≥50dB
Audio output power: 0.3W
Operating voltage: 9~15V DC
Standby current: 0.37A @Max
Transmitting current: 2.8A @Max


1 x G106 unit
1 x Microphone
1 x 12V DC power cord
1 x English manual

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions: 13.5 x 12 x 4 cm
Weight: 700 grams

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