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Xiegu BK300 Portable Power Station

Xiegu BK300 Portable Power Station


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The BK300 is a lightweight 296 Wh capacity portable power station that is ideal for powering your radio equipment when operating /p. It can also can charge your phone, laptop and other devices on the move, making it ideal for camping, traveling, or when mains electricity is not available. It can power up to 7 devices at a time and delivers 300 W of continuous power (350 W surge) at either 12 V, 110 V or 220 V. Recharging from 0 % to 50 % takes only one hour. It has two USB-A outputs and one USB-C output, as well as a 12 V output socket The internal 80,000 mAh lithium battery can be recharged from a 110/220 V AC supply (adapter with Euro style 2-pin plug included), from a 12 V DC source, or via either of the USB sockets. The BK300 has an LCD display which shows charge status at a glance, and a handy LED worklight. The UK version which we sell has a UK 3-pin mains socket as well as a US 2-pin socket. The unit weighs 3.3 kg.

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