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0-30V 0-10A 300W Variable Regulated DC Power Supply with USB socket

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0-30V 0-10A 300W Variable Regulated DC Power Supply with USB socket

This laboratory-style switching power supply will be at home in any shack. It is compact in size (200 x 140 x 95 mm) and light in weight (1.25 kg), and it offers variable voltage and current limiting settings.

It has three separate digital LED displays, showing DC voltage, as well as the current being drawn in amps and power consumption in Watts of any connected device.

A current limit can also be set to prevent any connected device drawing more than a specified amperage.

The PSU has both coarse- and fine adjustment controls for voltage and amperage, as well as a USB charging socket on the front panel.

There is also a handy ground terminal for DC earthing. A temperature-controlled cooling fan keeps the operating temperature constant under load.

  • Model: 30V10APSU

Input voltage: AC 220-250V 50HZ Output voltage: 0 ~ 30V Output current: 0 ~ 10A Voltage resolution: 10mV Current resolution: 1mA Output Voltage ranges from 0 to rating voltage with continuous adjustment Voltage regulation: Line regulation <5mV. Load regulation <5mV. Recovery time: <500us(50% Load change, minimum load 0.5A) Ripple & Noise<5m Vrms, 100m Vp-p Temperature coefficient<100p pm/C. Output current ranges from 0 to 10A with continuous adjustment Current regulation: line regulation <3mA. load regulation <3mA. Voltage display precision: +-(0.5% of rdg + 2 digits). Current display precision: +-(0.5% of rdg + 2 digits). Operating Temperature & Humidity: 0 ~ 40 C, RH<80%. Storage Temperature & Humidity: -10 ~ 70 C, RH<70%.
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