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KN 95 Five-layer protective face mask - twin pack


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With the wearing of face masks likely to become mandatory in certain public areas due to Covid-19, we have sourced high quality five-layer KN95 face masks which we can offer to our customers at 6.99 for a pack of two.

When purchasing a mask it is important to ensure that you don't end up with something that is poor quality and of substandard manufacture. In our experience, this description applies to a significant percentage of masks for sale on eBay and Amazon, and you only have to look at the reviews to see that there have been many disappointed customers. Many of the masks for sale are marked "KN95" or carry the CE logo when they do not comply with the relevant standards, and many manufacturers and sellers display fake certification on their listings. It really is a case of "buyer beware."

We have carefully vetted the supplier of our masks and verified that their products do meet the required standards, and that all their certification is genuine.

These masks meet the Chinese KN 95 (GB2626-2006) standard, equivalent to the US N 95 and the European FFP2 standards. This means that when worn correctly they will filter out 95 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger from the atmosphere.

Although these are disposable masks, if they are only being worn for a short period of time (as opposed to several hours on the go), they can be re-used a few times. Obviously one should use common sense and dispose of the mask once it gets dirty or incurs a buildup of moisture inside.

  • Model: KN95-Mask

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