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Quad Band (10 m/6 m/2 m/70 cm) Omnidirectional Base Antenna


Quad Band (10 m/6 m/2 m/70 cm) Omnidirectional Vertical Base Antenna

  • Model: 430V

* White fibreglass mast

* Three ground plane radials

* SO-239 socket

* Mounting hardware included

Frequency Range------------------------ 29.6/50.5/145/435MHz

Band Width--------------------------------- 10MHz

Impedance---------------------------------- 50 Ohm

VSWR---------------------------------------- 1.5 or less

Gain------------------------------------------- 2.15/2.15/3.0/5.5 dBi

Polarization--------------------------------- Vertical

Max. Power Input-------------------------- 100W


Dimensions--------------------------------- Base Dia. 24.5 mm x 1160 mm high

Diameter of Base Tube------------------ 31 mm

Radiating Element Length--------------- 860 mm

Radiating Element Material-------------- Cu

Outer Mast Material------------------------- Fibreglass

Connector-------------------------------------- SO-239

* 1 x antenna main unit

* 3 x screw in ground plane radials

* 1 x mounting tube

* 2 x U-type mounting brackets with fittings
Amateur radio use
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