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Xiegu GSOC Controller for use with G90 & X5105 Transceivers

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PLEASE NOTE: When using a G90 with the GSOC, firmware version V1.74 or higher is required.

The Xiegu GSOC is a standalone colour touchscreen panadapter/controller designed for external control of Xiegu G90 transceiver. As a software-defined (SDR) product, modifications and new features can be added via firmware updates to aid future-proofing and interoperability with new Xiegu devices.

The GSOC MUST be used in conjunction with a Xiegu G90 or X5105 - it cannot operate as a standalone unit.

The unit consists of a baseband processing unit and an SDR receiving unit capable of receiving and processing IF- and IQ signals and displaying frequency spectrum-, waterfall- and other information. The GSOC incorporates a 24-bit ADC processor, and connectivity options include Bluetooth and a micro-SD slot.

A video of the GSOC in operation (courtesy of 2E0BVJ) can be seen HERE.

There are several Facebook groups dedicated to Xiegu products which can be found by searching for "Xiegu" at They represent an invaluable source of information and first-hand experience for Xiegu owners and we highly recommend seeking them out.


Please click on the links below for specifications and features.

  • Model: GSOC

192 k bandwidth spectrum/waterfall display

Colour LCD touchscreen

Adds FM mode to the G90

Digital mode decoding

Automatic voice call and preset message storage & sending

Supports mouse & keyboard operating (wired or Bluetooth) with plug & play installation

Dual-core eMMc processor

Two built-in sound cards (24-bit/192 k) and (8-32-bit/48 k)

Built-in PSK31 digital mode

RX & TX Multi-band Equalizers

Easy two-cable connection to G90

Fast frequency change & band selection

Three user-programmable buttons

Built-in loudspeaker

SDR design for future expansion  

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 600

Screen Size (diagonal) mm/inches: 180/7

Dimensions mm/inches: 230/9 (w) x 124/8-13/16 (h) x 46/1013/16 (d)

I/O Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth, micro-SD slot

Weight: 1650 g

GSOC Controller

DB-9 serial connection cable

3.5 mm stereo jack plug cable

2 x metal feet with mounting screws & Allen key

Instruction Manual

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