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Xiegu G90 Digital Modes Bundle

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The new G90 from Xiegu Technology is a 20 Watt AM/CW/SSB HF amateur transceiver with SDR architecture and an inbuilt ATU. It replaces the very successful and highly-regarded X108G in the company's lineup.

The G90 is an entirely new design which shares nothing with its predecessor. The full colour front panel LED is larger than that on the X108G, and now incorporates a spectrum display.

Other refinements include variable software-defined filtering, a CW decoder, and an interface that will allow the G90 to be controlled by a PC as well as linking to the forthcoming panadapter.

A multi-function digital microphone is supplied as standard, allowing direct operation of many transceiver functions without the need to touch the front panel.

This bundle consists of a G90, GZF-1 desktop stand with cooling fan and fan guard, heavy duty power lead with power pole connectors, and an LED temperature display module that is powered from the second power socket on the stand.

A video of the radio in operation (courtesy of 2E0BVJ) can be seen HERE.

There are several Facebook groups dedicated to Xiegu transceivers which can be found by searching for "Xiegu" at They represent an invaluable source of information and first-hand experience for Xiegu owners and we highly recommend seeking them out.


Please click on the links below for specifications and features.

  • Model: G90-DIG-BNDLE

1 x G90 transceiver with standard accessories (see separate G90 listing for details)

1 x GZF-1 G90 stand with cooling fan & fan guard

1 x LED temperature display with mini-Tamiya connector

1 x Heavy duty power cable with powerpole-compatible connectors
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