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Xiegu X5105 5 Watt HF & 6 m Amateur QRP Transceiver

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Xiegu's new X5105 is a compact portable HF & 50 MHz QRP transceiver with inbuilt general coverage SW receiver. The newcomer has a large LCD display, ATU and a 3800 mAh internal rechargeable battery. It offers radio amateurs high quality portable HF capability at a very affordable price.

The X5105 boasts a large 3.6 inch dot matrix LCD display that takes portable operation to a new level. All the information you require is clearly presented, and the internal 3800 mAh battery can power the radio for up to 8 hours in receive mode.

A 13.8 V regulated DC power supply capable of delivering at least 5A (not included) is recommended for charging and external power.

The compact size and light weight of the X5105 compare extremely favourably with its competitors. Its internal RF amplifier stage utilises two RD07MUS1 transistors in a push-pull configuration, to deliver up to 5 Watts over the full HF and 50 MHz frequency range. The X5105 will operate on a supply voltage of between 9 and 15 V DC, and smart battery management via microprocessor control ensure extended battery life.

The effective inbuilt ATU lets you get up and running quickly without requiring a perfect antenna match. The ATU stores tuning data at 100 kHz intervals, allowing for instant retuning on previously used frequencies.

The X5105's ergonomics have been optimised for field use: the front panel buttons are backlit for easy operation in low light conditions, while the stepped rotary VFO dial enables precise tuning with optimum sensitivity.

The receiver is a double conversion superheterodyne type. Noise reduction, filtering and audio processing are all handled digitally by a high-speed 32-bit DSP unit.

The internal clock source for the X5105 is a high stability TXCO, offering frequency stability at or below 2 ppm.

In addition to voice modes (AM, NFM, LSB & USB), the X5105 can also be operated on CW. It has a built in keyer and the facility to store short CW messages. There is also a built-in microphone that can be used as an alternative to the handheld unit supplied.

Other features include RIT and AGC controls, and an inbuilt preamplifier and attenuator circuit. The X5105 also has an IF output which can be used with the GSOC panadapter to display the frequency spectrum and other information.

A stereo headphone jack is provided, but please note that the output will not drive an external speaker without additional amplification. Mono headphones should not be connected as they may cause damage to the audio amplifier.

The housing of the X5105 is a sturdy but lightweight aluminium extrusion, which incorporates a heatsink. It measures only 160 x 100 x 46 mm and weighs less than 1 kg in total, battery included. There are two flip-out legs that can be used to position the unit for desktop operation.

A video of the radio in operation (courtesy of 2E0BVJ) can be seen here.

There are several Facebook groups dedicated to Xiegu transceivers which can be found by searching for "Xiegu" at They represent an invaluable source of information and first-hand experience for Xiegu owners and we highly recommend seeking them out.


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  • Model: X5105

X5105 General Specifications

* Frequency coverage: 1 - 55MHz RX, TX only on Amateur bands
* TX frequency coverage on 6 m is 5.3305 - 5.405 MHz
* Operating modes: AM, FM, LSB, USB, CW
* Channel Memories: 100
* Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohm
* Nominal Supply Voltage: 13.8 V DC +/- 15%, negative ground
* Operating Voltage: 9.0 - 15.0 V DC, negative ground
* Internal Battery: 12 V 3800 mAh hybrid polymer Li-Ion
* Current Consumption: RX - 660 mA or less, TX - 2,5 A or less
* Operating Temperature: -10C to +60C
* Frequency Stability: +/- 2 ppm in first 60 min, 1 ppm per hour thereafter (at 25 C)
* Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 46 mm (6⁄₅" x 3" x 1⁹⁄₁₀")
* Weight: 0.94 kg (2.15 lb) excluding microphone

X5105 Receiver Specifications

* Type: Double Conversion Superheterodyne with Audio Digital Signal Processing
* IF Frequency: 70.455 MHz & 10.695 MHz
* Sensitivity SSB/CW: 0.25 μV
* Sensitivity AM: 10 μV (500 kHz-1.8 MHz), 2 μV (1.8 MHz-54 MHz)
* Sensitivity FM: 0.35 μV (28 MHz-54 MHz)
* SSB Selectivity: -6 dB @ 2.4 kHz, -60 dB @ 4.6 kHz
* CW Selectivity: -6 dB @ 500 Hz, -60 dB @ 2 kHz
* AM Selectivity: -6 dB @ 6 kHz, -60dB @ 25 kHz
* FM Selectivity: -6 dB @ 12 kHz, -60dB @ 25 kHz (12 dB SINAD)
* Image Rejection: 70 dB
* IF Rejection: 60 dB
* Audio Output (internal speaker): 0.6 Watt @ 4 Ω 10% THD
* Headphone output Impedance: 4 to 8 Ω (will not drive an external passive speaker)

X5105 Transmitter Specifications

* Output Power: 5 Watt SSB, 1.5 Watt AM Carrier @ 13.8 V DC
* SSB Modulation Type: Balanced modulation
* AM Modulation Type: Low level amplitude modulation
* FM Modulation Type: Variable reactance frequency modulation
* Spurious Rejection: >45 dB
* Carrier suppression: >40 dB
* Sideband Spurious Rejection: >50 dB
* SSB Frequency Response: 400 Hz-2.8 kHz (-6dB)
* FM Max Deviation: +/- 5 kHz
* External Mic Impedance: 200Ω to 10kΩ (Nominal 600Ω)
* X5105 main unit with rechargeable battery
* Multifunction Hand Microphone
* Fused 12 Volt power lead
* USB cable for firmware updates
* English instruction manual
* Warranty Card
* CE-19 digital interface
* XPA125 RF Amplifier
Amateur radio use (appropriate licence required)
Please see the downloads page under Xiegu X5105.
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