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12 V Car charger for use with UV-5R 3800 mAh battery and TH-UVF9 battery

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12 Volt car charger for charging ONLY the extended UV-5R 3800 mAh battery (model BL-5L) and the battery for the TYT TH-UVF9 (model BP-UVF9).

Cable plugs into cigarette lighter or accessory socket (12V negative ground only) allowing the abovementioned batteries to be charged in the car. The output is regulated at 8.5 V DC for 12-14 V DC input.

If you own a TYT TH-UVF8D or one of the Baofeng UV-5R models and want to be able to charge them in car, you can replace your existing battery with the one for the TYT TH-UVF9 (it fits the UVF8D and all UV-5R models) and charge it in-car with this charger.

PLEASE NOTE: You can NOT use this charger to charge any batteries other than the two referred to above. It can also NOT be used to charge a UV-5R (any model) directly from the car cigarette lighter as there is no socket on the radio to facilitate this, nor can it be plugged into the UV-5R drop-in charger as the socket is a different size.

  • Model: 12VCC

Input: 12 - 14 V DC Output: 8.5 V DC Maximum current draw: 600 mA
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