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380 mm Dualband 2m/70cm Antenna with SMA female connector

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380 mm Flexible Dualband 2m/70cm Antenna with SMA female connector for handheld transceivers

Offers improved performance to the standard antenna supplied with most handhelds. Overall length is 380 mm (approximately 15 inches)


Image shows the antenna fitted to a UV-5R - PLEASE NOTE: A radio is NOT included with the antenna!

Specifications below:

  • Model: RH771-SMAF


Frequency----------------------------------- 144-146/430-440 MHz

Impedance----------------------------------- 50 Ohm

VSWR----------------------------------------- 1.5 (144 or 435 MHz)

Gain-------------------------------------------- 3.5 dBi

Polarization---------------------------------- Vertical

Radiation------------------------------------- Omni

Maximum Power Input-watts------------ 50 W

Height------------------------------------------ 3803 mm

Connector------------------------------------- SMA-Female

Mast Material--------------------------------- ABS

Colour------------------------------------------ Black

1 x Antenna
Baofeng UV-3R+

Baofeng UV-5R (all versions)

Baofeng UV-B5

Baofeng B-580T

Quansheng TG-007

Vero UV-E5

Vero VR-500 V & U

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