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Xiegu XPA125 HF & 50 MHz 100 Watt Linear amplifier


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Xiegu XPA125 HF & 50 MHz 100 Watt Linear amplifier.

Ideal for use with the X108G or X5105 transceivers.

Xiegu's XPA125 is a compact 100 watt solid state linear power amplifier covering the HF bands and 6 metres (50 MHz). It is ideally suited for use with the X108G and X5105 transceivers, but it can also be used with other QRP transceivers. It has a built in ATU and a large LCD display for monitoring the amplifier status. It is suitable for AM, FM, SSB and CW modes.

The XPA125 amplifier has a gain of 13 dB, making it the perfect companion for a low power QRP transceiver if more power is needed. Its maximum power rating is 125 Watts.

The inbuilt ATU and power amplifier stage can be used independently of each other. The ATU can match loads of 14-500 ohm loads in the HF bands from 1.8 to 30 MHz, and from 50 to 54 MHz in the 6 m band.

The XPA125 has a variety of intelligent protection circuits to ensure the safety of the amplifier and connected transceiver. When abnormal operating conditions are experienced, the amplifier will automatically enter bypass mode and display a warning message.

The large back lit LCD display shows input and output power, SWR, voltage, current, temperature, amplifier status and warning messages, making operation of this modern amplifier simple and user friendly.

When used with a compatible Xiegu transceiver such as the X108G or X5105, the XPA125 offers automatic band selection via the accessory socket. PTT and ALC inputs are also accessible via the accessory socket.

A serial connection allows the XPA125 to be connected to a PC for firmware upgrades.

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  • Model: XPA125

XPA125 Specifications

* Frequency range: 0.5-30 & 50-54 MHz * Maximum output power: 1.8-30 MHz: >110 W, 50 MHz: >90 W
* Maximum ambient operating temperature: 55C
* Gain: 13 dB (+/-2dB)
* Supply Voltage: 12-15 V DC
* Transmit current draw: 30 A @ max output
* Receive current draw: 260 mA
* ATU Frequency range: 1.8-30 MHz & 50-54 MHz
* ATU Tuning range: 14-500 Ω
* Dimensions: 260 x 150 x 100 mm (excluding protrusions)
* Weight: 2.66 kg
* XPA125 100W Linear Power Amplifier
* Control cable for Xiegu Transceivers
* 12 Volt DC power cable
* USB cable for PC connection
* English user manual
* Warranty card
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