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Baofeng T-57 2m/70cm dualband handheld transceiver with dual frequency display & IP57 rating


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Baofeng T-57 2m/70cm dualband compact handheld with IP57 ingress rating.

5 Watt amateur transceiver with dual frequency display.

Drop-in charger & UK 3-pin power supply included - no adapter required (for customers outside of the UK & Ireland we can supply a 2-pin Euro power supply instead).

For those looking for a weather-resistant alternative to the UV-5R, meet the new Baofeng T-57 - a powerful 5 Watt dualband handheld transceiver with IP57 ingress rating. 

  • Model: T-57



Frequency Range: 136-174 & 400-520MHz (RX/TX), 65-108 MHz (RX)
Dual Frequency Display
Dual Watch Facility
Digital Signal Processing System
High/Mid/Low Output Power (5/2.5/1 Watts)
Numeric Keypad for direct frequency input
Switchable Voice Prompt
99 Easily Programmable Memory Channels
50 CTCSS and 104 DCS Programmable Tones
VOX Function
1750 Hz Burst Tone for Repeater Activation
FM Broadcast Receiver Function (65.0MHz-108.0MHz)
Removable Dualband Antenna (SMA Female type)
Two Line Alphanumeric LCD Display with selectable tri-colour backlight
Frequency Scan Function
Alarm Function
Low Battery Alert
Battery Saver Feature
Transmission Timeout Timer
Selectable Channel Steps: 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25KHz
DTMF Tone Generator
Windows PC programmable via optional USB Cable




Frequency Coverage (RX/TX) VHF 136-174 MHz/UHF 400-520 MHz
FM Broadcast Reception 65-108 MHz
Memory Channels 99
Antenna Connector SMA Male
Frequency Step (selectable) 5/6.25/10/12.5/20/25 kHz
Battery Type/Voltage 7.4 V/Lithium Ion
Battery Capacity 1800 mAh
Frequency Stability (-20° to +60° C) 2.5 ppm
Operating Temperature -20° to +60° C
Antenna Impedance 50 ohms
Dimensions (W x H x D) 60 x 130 x 38 mm
Weight (with battery & antenna) 275 g


RF Power Output (min/max) 1/5 Watts
Duty Cycle 03/03/54 (RX/TX/STBY)
Modulation Type F3E
Operating Mode Simplex or Semi-duplex
Maximum Deviation +/-5 kHz/2.5 kHz (Wide/Narrow)
Spurious Emissions 7.5 µW
Adjacent Channel Power -65 dB/-60 dB


Sensitivity (12 dB SINAD) 0.2 µV
Spurious Response Rejection ≤ -65 dB
Intermodulation ≤ -65 dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≤ -65 dB
Audio Output Power (8 ohms)    1 Watt
Receive Current 380 mA
Standby Current 75 mA
All specifications subject to change without notice


1 x Baofeng T57 Dualband Radio
1 x 1800 mAh Lithium-ion Battery
1 x Dualband (2m/70cm) Antenna
1 x Belt Clip
1 x Earpiece/microphone
1 x English Instruction Manual
1 x Drop-in Charging base
1 x Charger PSU with UK 3-pin mains plug 
1 x Wrist Strap

Amateur Radio use (appropriate licence required).

T-57 Programming Software T-57 Programming Software

Windows USB Drivers USB Drivers for Windows
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